Queen size bed dimensions

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Queen size bed dimensions

There’s no need to explain how important it is for us to get a good night’s sleep and arrange our sleeping area for maximum comfort. Getting queen size bed dimensions right is a must if you want your bed to fit your bedroom and your lifestyle. This resource, complete with the chart for standard bed styles and sizes, was created to help you find this information in one place. Read on.

The trick is that bed names, styles and sizes vary from country to country and from manufacturer to manufacturer. It’s something of a cultural difference and there are relatively few standards to speak of on a global scale. What is considered a standard bed size in the United States might not even be in use in other English-speaking countries, let alone the rest of the world. These differences in bed sizes make it more difficult to find matching mattresses, bed linens and, well, beds, especially when you travel.

So what are standard queen size bed dimensions then?

Here’s the breakdown of sizes for the most common types of queen size beds in the US (name/width in inches/length in inches):

  • Queen Bed Size / 60 / 80
  • California Queen Bed Size / 60 / 84
  • Expanded Queen Bed Size / 66 / 80
  • Super Queen Bed Size / 66 / 80

Here’s what it looks like within a general bed sizes chart:

queen size bed dimensions in inches

US bed sizes chart

Who are queen size bed dimensions good for?

It is large enough to provide a comfortable sleeping area for two adults. It’s ideal for smaller master bedrooms and guest bedrooms. It’s both detectably wider and longer than a double bed, which is also designed for couples but lacks abundant space queen size beds deliver. In the end, it’s all about personal preferences, your body build and sleeping style. What you also need to take into account is how queen size bed dimensions would fit your bedroom and needless to say the more space you have at your disposal, the bigger your bed and mattress can be.

Mattresses and linen

Next to single beds and double beds, queen size beds belong to the most common bed styles. This means that finding fitting linens or a mattress for your bed frame is not a problem at all as it might be with some of the less popular dimensions. This gives this type of beds added advantage when it comes to convenience and usability.

The only issue you might have with queen size beds is that the name means different things to people in different countries (read more), so be careful when you buy linen while traveling. Another thing is that similarly sized beds in other countries will have different names and, more often than not, dimensions will not fit 100%.

Check out equivalents of queen size beds in other countries (UK, Australia, Europe).

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