Queen size bed dimensions

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Queen size bed frame dimensions

What are the right queen size bed frame dimensions? If you’re in the United States the answer is going to be a bit different than in other parts of the world because of naming and sizing discrepancies. Go to this article to compare sizes and names for this type of beds around the world.

The thing with queen size bed dimensions is that they influence our selection of everything from the mattress to sheets and other pieces of linen. If we don’t get them right, every time we’ll be buying bedroom equipment we’ll be struggling to make sure that things have the right sizing to fit the rest of the sleeping set. And since we place so much importance on the comfort and quality of our sleep, and rightly so, we shouldn’t forget about getting such basics as dimensions right.

We also need to get queen size bed frame dimensions right because they will impact the layout and spacing of our guest or master bedroom. It’s good to remember that most people want to have a bedside table next to their sleeping area, which adds extra width to the whole setup. Do you really have space in your bedroom to fit all this furniture in?

So what are queen size bed frame dimensions?

They are usually 3-4 inches more in both width and length than queen size mattress dimensions, which is what many sources provide as the basic value for this type of beds. Bed frames are usually made of wood that requires certain thickness to retain stability and durability of the entire bed structure. In fact, queen size bed frames come with an additional leg in the middle of the frame, unlike in single full beds, for extra support.

Here is the bed sizes chart (click to enlarge):

US bed sizes chart

US bed sizes chart

A standard US queen bed mattress is 60 x 80 inches (5 x 6.66 feet or 1.53 x 2.03m). So after adding these 3-4 extra inches for mattresses to fit in tightly, we get anything between 63-64 x 83-84 inches, but queen size bed frame dimensions can vary depending on manufacturer, bed structure or even material used. There are no industry standards for everybody.

Who are queen size bed frame dimensions best suited for?

When you share the queen size bed, it provides about 30 inches of space for every sleeper, which enough for most people to get good and comfortable night’s sleep. This bed style is ideal for guest bedrooms and smaller master bedrooms. Still many people decide to use larger beds for their master bedrooms in a quest to for more comfort.

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