Queen size bed dimensions

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Queen size mattress dimensions

What are standard queen size mattress dimensions? Well, this largely depends on where you are in the world because different counties have different sizing and naming conventions for his type of bed styles. In fact, a convention is too strong a word to use. The industry doesn’t play by any official rules as far as bed dimensions go and you can sometimes see inconsistencies (smaller or larger) from manufacturer to manufacturer.

But it would be an overstatement to say that queen size bed dimensions are random. There is a reasonable degree of standardization, especially when you look at the market on the national level. In other worlds, frames, mattresses and sheets for queen beds will be mostly the same on the US market, on the UK market or on the Australian market.

Here are the most common types of queen size mattresses in the US (name/width in inches/length in inches):

  • Queen Bed Size / 60 / 80
  • California Queen Bed Size / 60 / 84
  • Expanded Queen Bed Size / 66 / 80
  • Super Queen Bed Size / 66 / 80

These are dimensions for queen size mattresses, but if you’re looking for parameters of queen bed frames, you’d have to add 3-4 inches to width and length for the whole set to be functional. Needless to say, it may differ depending on material and manufacturer and it’s a good idea to check the details before you buy any sleeping equipment you want to fit your queen size set.

Queen size beds are one of the most popular bed styles in the US, especially in smaller master bedrooms and guest bedrooms, so finding sleeping accessories that match this model is very challenging. There are a few rarer types, eg. for taller people, that make putting together the sleeping set much more difficult, if not impossible.

The real challenge with queen size mattress dimensions comes when you buy from foreign producers or in overseas stores. You need to keep in mind that the name queen bed is commonly used in the US and Australia only, with other parts of the world having different names for similarly sized models.

Similarly sized models? So queen size beds are not the same everywhere. Not really – dimensions differ, if not very widely. Below is the chart showing queen size mattress dimensions around the world (click to enlarge). Note slight differences in width and length. They can make quiet a lot of difference when buying bed sheets, linen and frames.

Queen size bed dimensions around the world

Queen size bed dimensions around the world

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