Queen size bed dimensions

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Queen size quilt dimensions

To get queen size quilt dimensions right we need to know what dimensions our queen size mattress has. One can’t go without the other. They are inextricably linked in creating the comfort of our sleeping area. Needless to say, it’s important to know which queen size bed you’re trying to get quilts for (there are at least four popular models).

Below is the list of the most common types of queen size beds in the United States (name/width in inches/length in inches):

  • Queen Bed Size / 60 / 80
  • California Queen Bed Size / 60 / 84
  • Expanded Queen Bed Size / 66 / 80
  • Super Queen Bed Size / 66 / 80

If you’re outside the US, the queen size bed might mean something different to you or other bed models with different names may be similarly sized. Below is the overview of queen size bed dimensions around the world (click to enlarge):

Queen size bed dimensions around the world

Queen size bed dimensions around the world

So what are queen size quilt dimensions then?

On top of covering the bed mattress, they need to account for two things to be fully functional:

1. side drops

2. bottom drop

This means adding extra inches to both width and length of queen size mattress dimensions. And how much should you add?

The standard option for classic queen beds involves adding 15 inches for each side drop and 10 inches for a bottom drop. This makes queen size quilt dimensions a square of 90 x 90 inches in total.

Please keep in mind that these dimensions differ for other queen size bed models (oversized queen, Olympic queen or California queen) and it’s a good idea to use other references to check ideal sizing. Also importantly, you want to adjust your quilt dimensions to the individual requirements of your bed frame and mattress by adding extra inches here and there if necessary.

Use this checklist to get your queen size quilt dimensions right:

1. Add 30 inches for side drops and 10 inches for the bottom drop

2. Measure you mattress and frame for adjustments to standard dimensions

3. Check specs on every quilt as design vary from manufacturer to manufacturer

4. Don’t freak out if the quilt is too tight at first – it will loosen when you stretch it

5. For an elegant look buy a larger quilt with edges reaching to the floor

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